The Paleo Diet Is Wrecking Your Life

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the paleo diet is wrecking your life and workouts
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barry mclaughlin says:

i did paleo for a year i felt amazing at first had great energy and got in
good shape but as time went on i became skinny fat, lethargic, bad skin,
bad sleep, bad gym performance no sex drive stomach ulcers thats just a few
so i started eating carbs again and BAM all those shitty symptoms
dissapeared and i now look like a sexy bastard with muscle and can have sex
like a porn star

Sonam Rota says:

Heeey Jimmy! nice video again!

joe jarden says:

But Jimmy, even GOOD low glycemic carbs are preventing me from burning my
belly fat and manboobs. At 50, I must have Insulin Resistance because ANY
carbs I eat goes right to my belly and chest, and I workout exactly the way
I’m supposed to, exactly the way you have prescribed. I HAVE to go 100%

Jimmy Smith says:

Well any time spent not eating is technically fasting but to get the
biggest benefits you really should wait a while before you eat. a 6 hour a
day fast is good but consider starting your day with that

tera r says:

Intermittent fasting, that would be awesome if you did a video on that !

Jimmy Smith says:

I have a ton of videos on fasting actually

MrRossT1 says:

Go 18 hours. I’ve been on an eating window of 4-6 hours. I’m eating every
18-20 hours. Paleo diet. My carbs come from green leafy veggies. ZERO
GRAINS! So far, my lifts have increased and I’m getting leaner. Started in
February 2013 at 277lbs, now it’s July 2013 I’m 212lbs and I’m 5’6. Weight
is STILL going down! 😀

Jimmy Smith says:

I totally agree

Simon McIntosh says:

This dude talks about intermittent fasting a lot. Brad Pillon is the
pioneer of that. His videos are very good and he explains stuff really well.

Jimmy Smith says:

But we don’t HAVE to remove grains. That’s my point

MrRossT1 says:

Your carbs need to come from veggies. The point is to remove GRAINS from
your diet. Eating avocados, peppers, kale, quinoa, those are better carb
sources. Grains are a no-no.

Jimmy Smith says:


Unoop Neo says:

Have you heard about “Lean Body Maximizer”? (Google it) It is a quick way
for you to burn off fat fast.

muppet fondler says:

i tried no carbs, just makes you weaker, now i just count calories and eat
fresh, great advice as always jimmy

George Towers says:

hello jim just subscribed i wanted to ask you of topic question if i eat
breakfast and fast for lets say 6 hrs will that still be beneficial? im
focusing on weightloss but slow and steady im about 20 – 30 pounds
overweight and im going to weight train and do some conditioning Full body
x 3 days a week with sprints on some days and different HIIT drills will 6
hr fast benefit my growth hormone ? thanks 🙂

Madelain Burgoyne says:

Jimmy, have you actually done any research on why the paleo movement
actually don’t recommend grains at all?

Jimmy Smith says:

I still think you can get away with some starches

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