The raw on a raw diet bulletproof way muscle building raw meat dog puppy pitbull

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This is part 1 of my personal raw diet series. I have been feeding raw from day one and have had no issues thus far. I truly believe that nature has all the answers for all the questions and that the natural way is the best way. I start pups at 3 weeks weaning them to save mama from stress when their teeth come in. I have not had a pup have any issues with allergies or issues in development yet and hope I am blessed and continue with phenomenal progeny. My dogs stay lean and i don’t over feed keeping them always ready to go and never ever sluggish. They are super healthy and look like it too. Please listen to the video in its entirety if you love your dog because if your balance is off you could do more harm then good. HAPPY RAW FEEDING ITS MORE WORK BUT WORTH IT


Jose Gonzalez says:

keep up with these videos they do good for me and help me with my dogs

Native Sweet says:

love your videos! I wanna add some raw to my lil girls (blue nose) diet! thanks!

atomic kitten says:

cats eat carbs in a very small amount and yes the canned food causes cancer and other major health problems i feed my cats chicken raw parts

Krisja Etienne says:

more more more wheres part two?

Jose Gonzalez says:

ay man fck them haters i can always here you since ive subscribed

HEY YO 2016 says:

second…. shout out to bulletproof pits

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