Top 5 Foods to Eat for Your Liver Cleanse Diet

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Close Judy Seeger, ND gives your the top foods to eat for your liver cleanse diet PLUS bonus tips.


Judy Seeger says:

Thanks for all the questions and comments! After being in this business 35
years and seeing thousands of folks (myself included) eliminate gallstones,
I know you can do it. Yes, there is a ton of ‘free’ info out there, but few
of them are from experienced clinicians.

Please NOTE: I no longer take on questions or clients, I am officially
retired from clinic work. Please join me at
for future webinars, group coaching, and more!

Sweety Hussain says:

you said, anything is bitter can stimulate your liver…so will organic
green tea help?
but i m confused if intake of green tea in the presence of hih blood
pressure appropriate and not risky. plz reply 


How interesting! I have been wanting to cleanse and I have been eating
healthier and healthier. I have been eating grapefruit regularly in the
morning and I always buy red apples. But just yesterday I bought Granny
Smith apples, beets and lemon. The only missing ingredient that I just
bought is the bitter greens. Thanks for explaining what is needed for a
liver cleanse. I had done one awhile back which requires drinking apple
juice every morning. I found that so sweet and I did not feel good doing

Akagami Shanks says:

Is it also good to the person who has a CHB or HBV infection (hbeag –
reactive) ?

IIsupermanII 4 says:

thanks for the tip i my self am trying to lose weghit my self considering
what you said now i know i can do it!!!

loh1110 says:

Dr. Judy, are supplements such as vitamins considered bad for the liver to
process? thanks 

Rajesh Sharma says:

very nice and helpful video blog…

Linda Foresyth says:

Excellent and very helpful vidro, thank you for sharing this with us. 

Harold Hart says:


Shopster Emeritus says:

chlor. lowering meds are pure crap .
it all toxic garbage.

Christian Thomsen says:

Milkthistle seed extract and dandelions should be good also.

Balbina Kanno says:

Thank you so much I will try it.

Marti H says:
Mary Longueuiel says:

My brother inlaw has kidney cancer,he will benefit frm this message it’s
never to late! ! To start taking good care of you and your health depends
on it!! ♥

Terry Gascay says:

Thanx for the info. I’ve replaced my morning coffee w/ hot lemon water w/
a dash of cayenne. I will try the other 4 foods for 5 days b4 doing a
gallbladder flush.

David Hutchinson says:

Personally, I love the Kordich juice recipe. 1/2 beet w/ 2 or 3 apples. I
think that is one great way to keep your liver in top shape. My only
question is…how often?

julie earnhardtjr says:

You are getting your medical advice over the internet. she knows nothing of
you or your family hitory, ,medically. you get what u paid for. Please dont
do cleanses to lose weight. And please see a nutritionist. A notable one.
Be your own physician.. Responsible for well informed choices u make or
advise others from. Especially kids. Dont doctor kids with cleanses unless
supervised by a professional. (in person)

michael ibarra says:

Thank you for an informative video like this.

robinbirdd3 says:

Hi Judy! thank you for answering my last question about cleanses. in this
video, you talk about using grapefruit, but i was told for my epilepsy
medications i could not eat grapefruit, but, if i am just doing a cleanse
just 4 times a year, should it be ok to take the grapefruit?? thank you : )

Douglas Roberts says:

Cody, food is medicine! You are a fool!


Hi Judy. All lifes Very Best All The Time.

kendahke says:

as if big pharma isn’t trying to not only separate people from their money,
but also their good health. Big Pharma is the biggest, fattest of the
whores. Thing is: these methods ARE proven. You sitting there saying they
aren’t doesn’t make it so. How about starting your own youtube channel
instead of squatting and spitting on everyone else’s?

mrtruthforever says:

Dr. Seeger, do you recommend those flushes with Epsom salts? I’ve heard
some Naturopaths say what comes out are not stones, but rather crystals
from the abundance of oils consumed and that often an ultra sound will show
that stone still remains. They recommend extreme diet changes over a month
or so as part of a comprehensive program of protocols to allow the stones
to naturally dissolve. What’s your opinion?

kendahke says:

One thing to note about beets: all beet growers in the US use GMO seeds.
There is no such thing as organic beets bought in a store unless you grow
them yourself from seeds which are guaranteed to be organic and not GMO.
Unfortunately, this is one food that will add to your liver’s struggle
instead of alleviating it.

balderdashery G says:

Cody Run is a big pharma shill

smiley uy says:

I drink bitter melon tea everyday..I got addicted to makes me feel
good.. prefer to drink bitter and sour apple cider vinegar ..Never drink

Tamisol Namaste says:

D Bro says:

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