Traveling With A Raw Diet.

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I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (

Traveling with a Raw diet with Orion and off to Jaquie’s place!!

Which should you feed, Barf or a Primal Diet?

There’s honestly no right or wrong answer, it’s just a matter of opinion. The main thing most would agree is that you’re doing right by feeding your dog raw rather than kibble. Try out both and see what works best for you and your dog. I’m a LOVER of the Barf diet:).

Here are some websites that helped me, and hope they can help you too!

Check out our Live sessions about raw eating on Instagram at Outrageously_helpful_orion.

Don’t forget there is an app called Raw Dog.
Be on the look out for our next video !


QueenAlexx44 says:

How would you travel with raw if you had to fly to your destination? Would you just buy everything once you get there?

Glen Hunt says:

Love how I-4 traffic moves at, like, 300 miles per hour!
And you guys have the perfect size deep freezer. It's so awesomely cute and I want one!

Service Dog In Training Chopper says:

What if you and your service dog are in the hospital? Or a place without a fridge? Would be buy freeze dried and do freeze dried yourself or something else?

Tsuki Shiro says:

Janiece, gurl. Just say NO to vertical video.

Lexi Klein says:

Excited to try the raw diet with my pup! He has allergy issues and I'm really hoping it will help him!! Also, you should post some favorite gluten/dairy free recipe videos! ☺️ I have Celiacs and absolutely can't have gluten..also have issues with most dairy, but I have been really struggling giving it up completely so I'd love advice! ☺️

Raphael Ferrero says:

Orion's lunchbox LOL so cute

Raphael Ferrero says:

So cool you have your own youtube channel Janiece!!! Woop woop

Ashley Plays Softball says:

I absolutely love vlogs. You should start doing daily vlogs. If not daily you should do like every other day. Also I know it's hard but I love Disney service dog vlogs😉

Daniela Zita says:


ilyhoneydew says:

Love the vids 😊

Wall says:

Are you allowed to bring the raw meals on airplanes?

Claire Elizabeth Blake says:

Just left the live. Glad to have you on YouTube, Janiece. I need a nickname for you. Jaquie is Jaq-Jaq.

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