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In today’s vlog, I talk lifestyle, doing a juice diet to beat psoriasis, and we take a walk out to Cramond Island.

WELCOME TO SHAUNVLOG – I’m Shaun and this is my YouTube Vlog channel about my travel adventures. I’m from Edinburgh in Scotland but spend most of my time in Brazil. These are my personal stories and thanks so much for joining my adventures. #SHAUNVLOG

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Twinkle Dad says:

✨Hey, Shaun! Great to see you paying attention your health. TwinkleMom and I do a lot of juicing, too, but mostly smoothies β€” with fruit and greens (spinach, chard and kale usually). We've been vegan for several years, now, and have noticed a dramatic reduction in inflammation and a lot of other benefits; though, I recognize that a completely vegan diet isn't for everyone.

Thank you for the intro to Cramond Island and the walkway β€” very cool! βœ¨πŸ™Œ

Dan Galla says:

That juice did look good though, I'd be down for trying a juice cleanse.

Alisha Ceit says:

Try aldi for your fruit and veg. So much cheaper and the quality is miles better!

More Epic Randomness says:

awesome video and cool island

Exploring with paul says:

hi you should try VALENTUS PREVAIL TRIM WEIGHT LOSS DRINK i use 2 a day i was 17.2 now down to 16.6

Brenna Pelletier says:

did juicing for 120 days: fruit in the morning, fruit/veggies afternoon, and ate vegetables, starches, fruit dinner. Drinking water before each meal is a great tip, and beware your increased energy will seem ridiculous at first (literally bouncing at the office) 😁 good documentary about clearing up health issues with juicing is Fat, Sick, & Nearly Dead. was on Netflix for a while and he has free recipes too – good luck + enjoy your juicing!

oh, results for me: lost 75lbs from overweight/obese to normal weight, no longer anemic, skin cleared up, I don't wake up at night hardly ever anymore, and I can and want to be more active than I ever thought I would 😎

V Lightning says:

Fantastic Shaun and thanks for sharing! I just sent your video to my friend who also suffers with psoriasis . It's Mother's Day In America today so please tell your mum happy Mother's Day from Las Vegas!

Scott Grieve says:

Loved my juicer but too much citrus scorches your tongues tastebuds lol

Nita F says:

hi Sean, in America it's Mother's Day today. let your mom and grandma know that I said Happy Mother's Day. not sure when Mother's Day is in Scotland but just wanted to include them in America's Mother's Day have a great day. juicing is great and some juicers you don't need to peal the veg or fruit. keep us posted. add protein to your juice, like yogarts or protein powder it helps fill you up.

MrSoBitchy says:

Your mom is awesome

sarajones says:

I LLOOOOVVE pinapple!

Josh Green says:

dont do it all the fruit means a lot more acid. Very acid stomach is bad for you

PS3GamingScotland says:

Crammond is such a good place to take the dog. Brilliant vlog!

thistle says:

Shaun juceing is great for you. I believe giving up alcohol will help too;-)

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