What I Ate Today On A FULLY RAW Diet

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What I Ate Today On A FULLY RAW Diet
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Freelee the Banana Girl says:

Answer to @johnny(i can’t comment on your post)
“Hey Johnny thanks! The last time I was what most would call ‘sick’ is back
in 2008 when I got a staph infection due to my own stupidity, I got
seriously dehydrated and drank a lot of contaminated farm water at the
time. What do you mean ‘alter my food’?

trakeya51 says:

i tried jackfruit cause i love juicy friut gum and i was not a fan. i will
try again maybe this wasnt fully ripe…great vids.

mei cam says:

woah how did the date smoothie turn white/milky?

malwina. veg says:

when I think about this huge amount of sugar I just want to vomit :/

lemurian chick says:

Freelee, is that really your butt? Back dat azz up, gurl;)

sillybunnns says:

Have you ever tried buying fruit from eBay? Or other sites? I live in a
rural area where the only tropical fruit I can get is bananas.
I’ve been foraging persimmons around here, and they taste like pumpkin
pudding. Very yummy.
I always found that ripe bananas tasted like juicy fruit gum.

TheSunFoodGoddess says:

Freelee you are so incredibly sexy. I need to get on your fitness game.
Thanks for the inspiration =)

Kim Fortin says:

Awesome! So cool to see you in your biking gear and loved seeing some
sunshine and green trees (it’s winter here in the US now–well, I guess
Hawaii would probably be green;)). Thanks so much for sharing with us what
you eat with recipes!

frederico George says:

The first time I went to Rio de Janeiro I saw all these big green balls
hanging in trees. Later, I found, that these were “Jaca” or jackfruit but
were not ripe yet. I found them in the streets ripe and fallen from the
trees later and we all were eating them. They were just one type of fresh
fruit we ate there. My wife is Brasilian but the tickets back to rio are
way too high for now so we wait here in Oregon.

Jan De says:

Can I just move to where you live!!! SO beautiful and peaceful compared to


where do you get your jakfruit from?

Kierce Hare says:

Freelee I love you! your so awesome

Julie Garcia says:

That bike ride looks awesome! I’m so glad I found your videos 🙂 :)

Richard Sylvestre says:

Good Video Freelee… Thank You!

impactofredemption says:

That has to be $20 of coconut water you dumped in there.

Christopher Jarrett says:

Hey freelee, what filtered water system do you use? 

Trini Vegan says:

You forgot to say blend ze blender lol. I think Jack fruit taste like some
kind of childhood candy. 

Yulia Sheyer says:

Hey Freelee, thank you so much for this interview.
Our 801010 group here in Israel realy loves you and your videous. You and
Loni are a huge inspiration to us. Thanks to Loni’s story our 801010 group
was on the news. Thought they tried to show us as wierd. But, we got the
attention so people start to notice us and our lifestyle and also ask
questions. Which is always a good thing.
Next friday we have our first Israeli fruit festival- “The Pri-stival”!!
Thank you again!

FruityVegan Mom says:

Hey freelea, I just watched a video about a girl who mentioned you and she
tried to eat the way you do and she gained over 20 lbs. does that mean that
ur the only one who can eat the way you do and achieve the outcomes as you

Meredith Billington says:

I love your videos! I’m looking forward to when I can afford to order
dates and buy coconuts and a blender to make smoothies. Every time I see a
raw food video where a smoothie is made, my mouth starts to water.

sterain61 says:

I don’t want to be “That kind of guy” But wow, those bike rides up the big
hill sure are paying off, from what I saw at the last of the video. =)
Anyway, I had never seen a jackfruit until this past summer in the grocery
store, but at the time neither myself or anyone working in the produce
section knew what it was lol

JockeyRocket says:

Loved the Vid and the Bonuses! Love to see you make the shakes.

Raphael Massie says:

beautiful, beautiful women you are

Greg m says:

how about a nice t-bone steak done medium – well with some loaded potatoes
once in a while ?

Fantastic Idea Lets Do It says:

Beautiful Freelee, you have inspired me so much to ride.

vanillahugz says:

Freelea im addicted to banana coconut sugar smoothies yumm, thank you so

Abby Nurre says:

I’d like to see a video about the glamorization of large people (women
particularly). I keep seeing these articles in the news about “this is what
real women look like” and it’s showing overweight and obese women in
lingerie. I think women should be able to feel proud when they’ve
accomplished getting healthy, but these articles are making is acceptable
to be overweight.

Pamela Horner says:

Hi Freelee! I know you keep getting flack from people that are very unhappy
with their own lives and failures etc. I hope that you never let that stuff
effect you. It’s all bullshit. Anyways, I love your videos very much! I am
not vegan, although I was a raw vegan for a little while, and your videos
truly inspire me to make better food choices on a daily basis. Getting
people to eat more raw fruits and vegetables is truly saving and
lengthening their lives. I think it’s so amazing! xoxox

Jesse Lee says:

I really like the recipes at the end, could you please do a video on some
recipes you enjoy the most? 

john1212333333333333 says:

Nice ass

pdude1911 says:

I want to eat jackfruit (or even better, cempedak!) again so badly! :-(

autigers2010nc says:

WTF is a jack fruit?

Sarah A says:

Love these types of videos Miss Freelee:)

MsSilentH says:

All that jackfruit must have been expensive! But it looks so goo! It’s on
my bucket list of fruits I must try!

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