Why I Feed A Raw Diet

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How to Feed Your Cat a Raw Diet – Part 1

This is the first installment in our new series on feeding your pet a raw diet. By Thursday and friday I should have the next two parts to the series up, so please stay tuned!!

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The Pet Meadow Crew:
Mia is our 6 yr old spotted bengal, born 2/19/2011
Max is our newest addition, born 10/2015
Reece is our ever patient lab, she will be 4 in May/2017.

Adding to the chaos is our toddler Adeline πŸ™‚

Bengal Cat Tips:
Bengal cats are quite stunning and exuberant fun cats, but they are definitely NOT for everyone. I am a stay at home mom who daily participates in exercising and entertaining our crew. We accept that we need lots of cat trees and no expensive furniture. They do much better in pairs having a fellow bengal to wrestle, chase and romp with of similar energy level. Bengals can sometimes be overwhelming to other non active cats. A bored bengal is a bengal in trouble!! Do you research and if you truly decide a bengal is right for your family, then find a good responsible breeder and spay and neuter your new kitten! Otherwise, just enjoy the fun videos of bengals πŸ™‚

Passed on to the Rainbow Bridge:
Dexter (Orange devon/shorthair x) – 18 yrs passed in Aug 2016 (possible heart failure)
Bayou (marble bengal boy) – ~ 17 yrs old passed in Sept 2015 (cancer)
Cosmo (grey tabby) – 18 yrs old passed in 2013 (kidney failure)
Asia (spotted bengal) – 2 yrs old in May 2011 (feline dysautonomia)
They are all greatly missed and loved


FlyingMonkies325 says:

Commercial dog and cat food all have chemicals in them that are bad for them but take note that meats also have hormones in them from how they put hormones in their feed in slaughter factories to fatten them up and i read that it's not fully cooked out of the meat when you cook it and human females have been known to have hormone problems because of commercial meat, a WHOLE lot of women these days do and so do i but so did my mother, her sister, her mother and one of my cousins is having problems too where she's gaining weight really quickly, and a while ago i talked to a woman from Texas and in those parts the husbands tend to go hunt elf and dear then bring back like 6 months worth of elk and deer meat and she had a lot of problems with her hormones, the second she stopped eating the commercial meat and went onto the fresh from the wild elk and deer meat her hormone problems ceased, then when she had to go back to eating commercial meat her hormone problems started all over again, so i think it's true that the hormones aren't cooked out properly even if you 100% cook it all way through, so this is something you gotta watch out for.

Ultimate catlover Alec says:

lol this was released on my birthday

j parks says:

totally irresponsible. people like this should NEVER be allowed to keep animals.

Jack's Pick Phone says:

This is an awesome explanation. Thank you for this video.

JonesyMcDanes says:

murder babies need murdered food

Cat Arkitekt says:

HEy, First very nice video with nice arguments about raw food diet. Can you tell in the next series a little bit about the poop of raw fed cats? Is it different from cats fed with conventional food and how is the odor. Does it stink and how is the consistency? Is it more dry or more wet or bulky and big or much less in size than dry food diet? some information about that would be nice. Thank you in advance.

Cara Booker says:

I have been watching your videos for a while and you were a great inspiration as to why I raw feed. Keep up the good work and I love your cats!

scriban ARG says:

You could call your brand "Rawcipe"…

Bengal Cat Sisters says:

We might have to try this. Do you have to ween them onto it?

troxycat says:

THANK YOU for making this video!!! Hopefully more people will take this information to heart and do the right thing for the fur-babies! I switched all of my cats to a raw diet after one of my cats passed away from severe kidney problems due to commercial food. And I have six cats. If I can do it for six cats (and I am NOT rich), I'm sure others can do it too! I mean, it's worth it alone for the less stinky poop! πŸ˜€

The Odd One says:

I'm curious, you said bayou had a "potty problem" was it peeing outside the box by chance? My bengal mix had that problem and I'm wondering if it has to do with the breed. Also suggestions on trying to convert a cat to eating raw? I've tried giving meat to her but she just rubs her face on it and goes back to her regular dry food.

Andrew Katherine says:

Following with interest, currently raw feed our bengals but we buy pre made (natural instinct) and i want to get into making our own.

Ivy Hays says:

what about cooked meat?!?! Can I start with medium rare meat frost before switching ?!?.will that cause bad breath?!?! please answer, I have 2 kitten with stomach trouble as well .

Crazy Funny Cats says:

Thankyou for the great infoπŸ‘

Our Rogue Warrior kitten started on raw, then we switched to performatrin canned and dry. He was beating up on his sister and now mellowed out a bit

We will switch him back to raw again now

jacob eves says:

⚠ ATTENTION you have a brand new subscriber who is also fairly new to youtube me i love bengals my girlfriend has one but i want one

Gloggles says:

Well now that is helpful since I have intentions of getting a Mua someday.

Ψ§ΫŒΨ±Ψ§Ω† ΩΎΨ±Ψ³Ψͺ says:

i love you and your cats

Daniel O'Connell says:

Thanks I think we are going to try to change, but it's going to be very hard to do every day.

Anna Priore says:

Oh I love this video! I've been searching for SOMETHING else to try to help my kitty. She's 9 and she throws up just about every day, usually more than once. I think she may be a little too old to fully transition her to a raw diet, she's been used to commertial for 9 years. (However, she can't keep it down, so who knows!) But I'm absolutely going to try and switch her as much as possible. I've never thought to try a raw diet. It makes so much sense though! That's how cats were created to eat! Their bodies weren't made for some of the stuff we feed them today. Thanks for the video! I'm so excited to see more!

Jennifer Brock says:

Looking forward to yr other raw videos πŸ˜€πŸ‘

Papy Jizass says:

Thank YOU, that was very interesting.

Bug lover Spider lover says:

I want to get my cat onto raw foods but she only likes cooked meats and canned cat food.

melloe says:

Love this! There's something so satisfying about seeing cats and dogs eat raw. My vet was skeptical when I told her I feed a raw diet but my kitty is very healthy so far and has zero bad breath (to answer the commenter below)!

Angela Abramovitz says:


DarcyAussiePop Chick says:

is feeding cats raw food cheaper, I feed my cats the best wet food but i would consider feeding my Cats raw,

carpanthers4ever says:

Sorry but I have to ask. How bad is the cat's breath from that

Spectral Ultra says:

This should be a no brainer to feed cats raw.. Feed your cat with cheap intestines, like liver, kidneys and stuff. They love it. Cheap fish is good too. I've noticed that my cat likes kidneys and other gross stuff more than filet mignon, that has been a treat.

karinna3w says:

I already feed grain free (in part because that way I can safely handle their food due to a food issue of my own) mostly high-quality wet food, but I've been considering switching to raw after the last vet visit. Just like for me, it's just easier to control what goes into their food if I make it myself. I'll keep watching for your videos. πŸ™‚ Thanks very much!

BasqueOblivion says:

Though I, myself, choose a vegan diet I think it's irrational to ask cats and dogs to be on vegan diets as well and much more support raw than commercial.

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