Why Paleo Diet Ruined My Health – Paleo Diet Issues that More People Should Talk About

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Paleo Diet had a detrimental effect on my health and since I made the original video about why I quit the diet, I’ve been trying to understand why Paleo diet failed me so much. I also received hundreds of comments and emails from people trying to guess the reasons for my issues. It’s two years down the line now, and my recovery from low carb eating is almost over (important to note here that what I call low carb in this case is 100-150g of carbs – for Paleo diet this is on the higher side). I’ve got a lot of insight into my health issues and how my body works during this recovery period, and I think it’s important to share this information with you. The truth is that I’ve received a lot of similar testimonials from people, so I’m not the only person whose health was ruined by Paleo diet. If you’re suffering from side effects of Paleo or low carb diet yourself, or if you’re just starting out with the diet, I hope you’ll keep this information in mind just in case things start going downhill for you like they did for me.

Reasons why Paleo diet ruined my health:
1. It slowed my thyroid
2. It worsened my adrenal health
3. It’s low in magnesium
4. It pushed me towards overtraining
5. It goes completely against my heritage
6. It’s high in fructose (if you want to obtain enough carbs) and is a nightmare for anyone with fructose/FODMAP malabsorption

The original video Why I Quit the Paleo Diet: https://youtu.be/9Q6hrHL5dGU

Have you tried Paleo diet? Have you experienced any issues with it? What has your experience been? Thanks for watching!

Simply yours,
Vita xx

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Oksana Mulyk says:

You might want to read Dr. Aviva Romm's new book, the Adrenal Thyroid Revolution. I haven't read it yet, but I'm familiar with her work and she's very knowledgeable about women's health issues. I just discovered your videos and I love them!

Perla Ochoa says:

High Carb Low Fat ❤Raw Vegan helped me recover from low carb Paleo Diet Damage, i also have low thyroid function I was so disfunctional I even developed PMDD. HCLF Raw Vegan is a miracle

Lynn Allan Kelly says:

I noticed the shirt you are wearing … Follow Your heart, It Knows The Way … from my point of view that is not true. The subconscious mind, when not supervised by the conscious mind, makes all its decisions based on what feels good now without any consideration of consequences. And since it expresses all emotions through the heart we get the old saying "the heart wants what the heart wants" … and what you want isn't always what you need. The only feeling you should trust 100% is your gut feeling which often is directly opposite of what your heart is feeling. The gut feeling is an unpleasant feeling who's purpose is to get your attention, to let you know you are about to make a choice not in your best interest. It is a one way emergency connection from your higher self or god (if you prefer that term) that is used by them when you aren't listening in any other way to let you know you are about to make a mistake and the intensity of the feeling is directly proportional to the severity of the mistake. Under this circumstance feel your heart but make decisions based on your gut feeling.

Ana Moreno-Tapia Rivas says:

your ancestors ate mefiterranean diet .im from gran canaria and my mums used to est legumes snd not so much meat

Ana Moreno-Tapia Rivas says:

i think the secret is to move towards a more wholefoods plantbased diet.all white carbs are empty calories get ur carbs from nutritien dense foods like potatoes and bananas .they want to devil de carbs and say is the cause if diabetes and heart disease.those people eat french fries fried in fat that is when u start going wrong.juicing and plant based diet is what makes me feel better.did paleo and habe restricted carbs all my life.bad idea.look into the longevity diets they eat plant based ,life i community and have good spiritual life

Celeste Forslund says:

I definitely think it has a lot to do with the persons body and health. I was on a vegetarian, higher carb diet for over a year and it completely ruined my health in the same way that the paleo diet did yours. It made my thyroid bad, my hormones were completely wacked, I gained a lot of weight (and worked out every day), it messed with my mental health, I became really depressed with high anxiety. Then I changed my diet to ketogenic/ paleo…. and have since reversed everything. I feel amazing now, and my mental health feels better than ever before. I will be honest though and say I do still eat a lot of fruits hehe. But other than that I stay away from all white carbs (rice, grains, oats, flours,etc), and only get my carbs through vegetables. I am glad you found something that works for you <3 I hope you continue to see amazing results and continue being healthy and happy. =)

TheIntelligentView says:

The ONLY thing that's a FAIL here, is YOU!!! But you keep spreading your bullshit… that's ok. It will screw with all the other morons who actually consider your BULLSHIT!!

PTX 152 says:

Great comments and insight, as always 💕💕💕 Going too low-carb caused me to experience some hairloss, hypo-thyroid symptoms, hormone issues. Things improved when I added some healthy carbs back in (potatoes, carrots, etc)….took about 3.5 months to improve. I followed more of a Keto-Paleo plan….higher in fat, not high in protein…..but lots of vegetables. I think following an ancestral low-carb elimination diet (like low-carb paleo) works well for 3-6 months to eliminate toxins, purge chemicals, improve digestion, stop the addictive effect of carbs and reset your body. However, long term some adjustments are needed.

Brian Langston says:

You might want to check out Ayurveda for diet recommendations. Very old info. that still works.

Hannah Whitworth says:

Hi Vita,
what is your opinion on the Autoimmune Protocol AIP diet?

ChurchInAshes says:

Stop spreading your FALSE information wheatBrain

Alley Morton says:

I love your necklace!

Vesna Sramel says:

Hi, love your videos ! Can you make the video about outside of your house and your place , city , island…. keep up the good work. Thanks

Rita Lucia says:

Hi … how about if I have bern diagnosed with Hashimoto thyroditis.. My life has gone upside down since. I have been put on the gaps diet. I have reasearched Hashimoto automunie decease and it is very important to be on no gluten, no wheat, dairy and sugar. I have been eating this way in the last few weeks and it's been so difficult to enjoy food/life anymore. What DO you suggest? THANK you!

Chagels says:

You mentioned these adrenaline surges… I started getting these 1½ years ago, and even though I don't have the right now I still haven't figured out what the root cause is. It's the same feeling as getting a shock when something sudden happens, like someone surprises you or you're about to drop something very precious on the ground – a burst of adrenaline.
The only pattern I have recognized is in my more paleo periods they're worse and in my more ancestral periods (more grain and dairy) they're less prevalent. Do you have a hunch as to what may be causing this? My TSH is right in the center of the range (I suspected HYPERthyroidism because one day I suddenly felt on egde 24/7 and had anxiety/nervous stomach for no reason at all), so I don't know where to look really. I tried magnesium malate & glycinate/lysinate, and it always made me feel extremely bad, as if I was about to pass out from extremely low blood sugar. I'm male by the way.

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